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Broadly understood industrial painting is one of RRprojekt's business areas. In this field we design and produce industrial painting equipment. We have individual approach to each task designing our products in accordance with customers' requirements, the law and the best of our engineering knowledge.
We offer painting lines for coating both rubber and metal elements. Process of painting with coating material can be done manually or automatically with the use of manipulators or painting robots.
Elements to be painted can be placed on stands, revolving tables or can be transported automatically by conveyors. Depending on the required technology, elements can be heated before painting and dried after painting using radiant, convection or mixed systems.

We provide in-built spray booths for automotive and construction seal extrusion lines that are designed for application of paint, polymer and silicone and glue application before flocking process. We provide independent stands for application of sealing materials to be used for coating the inside of seals extruded in production lines. The devices are equipped with fully-regulated air ventilation system and adjusted coating material feeding systems.

In response to our customers' requirements, we deliver small spray boths, chambers and stands that enable manual coating of small-scale elements. Such devices can be equipped with paint feeding and coating systems.

We offer small industrial drying devices of simple construction in the form of detached chambers and tunnels that are built into production lines.  
The devices can be equipped with convection or radiant heating systems.

Our offer from the area of industrial painting is supplemented by paint mixing rooms equipped with paint feeding systems which are produced on the basis of equipment from renowned companies such as Krautzberger or Graco.

We deliver complete systems of industrial ventilation for machines and devices. We pay particular attention to ensuring suitable and legally required conditions for machines in which Ex-zones are present.

We provide solutions in the field of dry and wet air filtration along with a wide range of high-quality filters designed to work in various conditions.  

Air humidification systems are used in devices (e.g. spray booths) that require maintaining of suitable process air humidity.

We produce lightweight welded structures both made of carbon steel and stainless steel according to the received drawing documentation.
By developing of technical and technological projects of devices, we help investors in proper preparation for new investments, modernizing devices and optimizing production processes.

Our services also include modernizing, retrofitting and extending the existing painting lines in order to optimize their performance and and ensure appropriate level of work safety and adapting them to the new technological requirements as well.


The portfolio of RRprojekt is supplemented by production of automatic chain conveyors which provide efficient transportation of items in production lines.
Chain conveyors are applied, among others, in spray booths and assembly lines.
We offer floor and overhead conveyors of our own production, for which we acquired manufacturing rights from LOGCHAN company. They are designed for transportation of small-sized items.

Oferta dotycząca przenośników łańcuchowych obejmuje:

We are supplier of spare parts for overhead chain conveyors of our own LOGCHAN brand, the rights to which we acquired in 2020.
We will support you in selecting conveyors of required structure in order to ensure the most efficient functionality of them.
We also produce floor chain conveyors which are installed in our spray booths. They allow for full automation of production process, thanks to the possibility of adjusting such parameters as e.g. transportation speed.
We deliver overhead chain conveyors of our own production, for which we acquired manufacturing rights from LOGCHAN company. They are intended for transportation of small-sized items and fully adjusted to our customers' guidelines.

Moreover, in the field of industrial gas burners, we offer:

Selection and consulting

We provide professional support in selection of the most suitable industrial gas burners, so that they perform in the best possible way in production processes. In case of older burner systems, we advise you when choosing replacements available on the market.

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We offer MAXON industrial gas burners. We have direct access to a full range of spare parts that are used in burner systems. Our trade offer includes all components that are used to regulate and control gas combustion processes in industrial burners that are offered by Maxon and Honeywell. These include, among others, flame programming relays, UV scanners, motors and solenoid valves.

In addition, we deliver individually configurable control boxes that are responsible for proper operation of used electrical and pneumatic control equipment.

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We provide assembly and commissioning services for Maxon burners and gas trains, both in new and existing industrial installations. Our offer in this field focuses mostly on setting appropriate parameters of burners operations and all the safety measures for combustion processes.

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We carry out periodical inspections of Maxon gas burners and gas trains connected to them.

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